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Riding breeches Snow Queen: Breeches Equitation Queen: These innovative breeches are the first of our Queen Shape line. The Queen Shape was designed to make every female rider look her best – for every body shape. They have a unique waistband construction to keep the breeches close to the rider’s lower back, with its increased height at the back it keeps you warm and protected. The organic design lines from waistband to ankle compliment every women’s body shape.

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Euro-star's riding breeches are designed to answer all riders needs during training and competition.

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the leading brand in equestrian sportswear

The euro-star brand reflects all the characteristics of its founder Hans Gotzens, who established euro-star in 1959. Hans Gotzens was a pioneer, always exploring the equestrian horizons and looking for new materials and product functionality, but above all he was a man with passion and dedication for the equestrian sport. By following his vision, euro-star has evolved into a leading brand in equestrian sportswear. The principle of the euro-star creations has always been to blend horse and rider into a perfect team.

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