Euro-star advanced breeches


You can recognize the Advanced line by the light-grey label underneath the waistband and the two front pockets with zippers. This line of breeches are designed to contain everything that you need In your riding breeches to feel good and perform at your best. Inspired by sportswear, the advanced breeches are a combination of comfort, durability and beauty.

For our summer collection we used very light and breathable innovative fabrics so even during a warm, summer day, you will still feel comfortable riding. All our euro-star breeches have an optimal silicon grip, which provides you the right amount of grip in your saddle but at the same time giving you freedom of movement.

The advanced breeches contain sport-based details, innovative fabrics and feminine design details. They are very high-quality, designed with passion, breeches that will make you feel and look your best during your performance. The perfect balance between comfort and beauty!


Our Advanced breeches

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