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    This high-quality fleece bandage set, consisting of four bandages, each with a width of 12 cm, completes your professional equipment – they can be used both as exercise and as rest bandages. The pleasantly soft fleece has anti-pilling qualities and thus remains permanently lint-free. Practical Velcro fasteners ease the application of the bandages, and the nicely finished triangular closure with the decentral euro-star logo ensures that no points will be deducted for style – furthermore, the bandages come in different colours, to match our entire range. Protection for the horse's legs, which is also decorative! In addition to the bandage set you also get a matching bag for storage.
    More Information
    Color nameTitanium
    Materials100% polyester
    Product kindBandages en onderlappen
    CollectionLEG PROTECTION
    the collection

    “Euro-star is a performance brand for progressive equestrians. The brand is well-known for its high-quality garments as the breeches collections are made in Europe. The main purpose of the new collection is to answer all equestrians needs during training and competition moments, introducing new modern styling and technical innovations. Our main design stories for this season are perfection, protection and performance."

    - Katherina Bunt, designer

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