Euro-star Essential breeches


The Essential line can be recognized by the red label underneath the waistband and the two curved front-pockets. Every rider should have access to a well-designed, perfectly fitting pair of breeches. With this in mind, the Essential line was created: Accessible, durable, top quality and super comfortable.

For our summer collection we used very light and breathable fabrics so that even during a warm, summer day, you will still feel very comfortable riding. All our euro-star breeches have an optimal silicon grip, which provides you the right amount of grip in your saddle as well as giving you freedom of movement.

The Essential breeches are so comfortable that you will want to wear them every day. Provided with two front pockets and sometimes two (hidden) pockets in the back, you will have space for all your important items like your phone or keys.


Our essential breeches

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