Euro-star Premium breeches


You can recognize the Premium breeches by the black label underneath the waistband. Most of the breeches in this line don’t have front pockets and only 1 hidden back pocket to fit a phone without restricting freedom of movement.

The breeches in this line are Premium quality breeches, designed for contemporary riders who like to set trends with equestrian fashion. Not only in terms comfort but also in terms of style, this line of breeches offers you the best combination in unique designs which we are very proud of. Using the optimal design lines for a women’s body, the breeches will definitely make you stand out!

They are made with very light and breathable, innovative fabrics that are made in Europe. Innovation is the keyword of the Premium line: Fabrics with muscle support, cellulite reduction techniques, UV protection and more extremely innovative features that will help you regulate your body temperature to get the best out of every performance.

The breeches also contain a very durable silicon grip, which provides you the right amount of grip in your saddle but at the same time gives you freedom of movement. The perfect combination of style and innovation!


Our Premium breeches

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