Saddlepad Antwerp GP

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    • Manufactured in Europe
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    Antwerp saddlepad with a sporty cut The jersey used for the sportily-cut Antwerp saddlepad has been weaved with fine shining special colour blending in the thread, and its back is made of suede. Special visual detail includes logo embroidery on the beltloop and the suede logo patch. For particularly comfortable wearing and in order to effectively protect the saddle, a surface material made of low-maintenance, very robust, and dirt-repellent polyester has been used. The shock-absorbent filling of this saddle cover consists of 20-mm thick special and particularly dense foam. The functional Cooldry lining keeps you cool, ensures perfect humidity transfer, and it is extraordinarily breathable.
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    Color nameMeteorite
    Product kindSaddlepad All purpose
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    “Euro-star is a performance brand for progressive equestrians. The brand is well-known for its high-quality garments as the breeches collections are made in Europe. The main purpose of the new collection is to answer all equestrians needs during training and competition moments, introducing new modern styling and technical innovations. Our main design stories for this season are perfection, protection and performance."

    - Katherina Bunt, designer

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